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Whitepaper: Applying the ALARA Principle in Everyday Dentistry Practices

Categories: Implant Dentistry, Laser Dentistry

Author(s): Louis Kaufman

Features of the ALARA Principle:
The specific principles of the ALARA system will vary based on the nature of the work...

Proper Clean-up: Removing Excess/Residual Resin-based Dental Cement

Categories: CBCT, Cosmetic Dentistry


Resin cements were introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to acid-based reaction cements such as zinc phosphate. These cements vary in their...

Free Webinar: The Secrets of a Productive Practice

Categories: Health and Medical Topics, Practice Transitions

Author(s): Abdulfatah Hanoun, Alan Atlas

Dental offices are unique in...

Video: How to complete a dental post procedure using Pentron’s FibreKleer 4x Fiber Post

Categories: Restorative Dentistry


Pentron’s FibreKleer 4x Fiber Posts are designed to preserve the integrity of the remaining tooth structure while simultaneously providing retention...

Video: Shofu BeautiSealant Clinical Procedure

Categories: Restorative Dentistry


Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, discusses Shofu's BeautiSealant after having the opportunity to learn about the product, bring it to her practice, and use it on...
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