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ADA Credits: 1 | AGD Credits: 1 | Cost: $19.00

Pediatric Dentistry 2021 - Succeeding in a Patient Centered World

Categories: Pediatric Dentistry

Author(s): Dr. Michelle Kelman, DDS

Course Type: Self-instruction journal and web based activity

Target Audience: Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist, Dentists from novice to advanced

Educational Objectives

After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Attract and retain pediatric patients by understanding parent concerns and current trends in pediatric dentistry 
  • Enhance knowledge of minimally-invasive, preventative dentistry in the pediatric patients 
  • Enhance knowledge of common oral pathology and treatment for the pediatric patient.


General dentists, like family care physicians, are able to provide excellent dental care to patients of all ages, but often refer their pediatric patients out because of discomfort with treating the child patient. With so many families behind on care due to the pandemic, and increases in pediatric oral pathology, parents are seeking care for their children, and more general dentists are providing family care. It’s important to understand the concerns of today’s parents and earn the parent’s and patient’s trust and knowledge by practicing preventative pediatric dentistry in a pediatric- patient centered world. This course will review some of the most current concerns of parents in the treatment of their children, current trends in pediatric dentistry, and how to care for and retain the pediatric patient in a family practice. This course will also review tips on non-pharmaceutical behavior management, commonly seen pediatric pathology, and conservative treatment options for the pediatric patient.

ADA Credits: 1 | AGD Credits: 1 | Cost: $19.00

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