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Debbie Zafiropoulos

Debbie Zafiropoulos is the CEO of the OralED Institute, a partner with Delta Force Group Consulting; a collaborative firm that leads you from current state to desired state, serves as the Partner in Education for the Wellness Dentistry Network, an instructor with MoradoASC mentoring and nurturing future speakers, authors and success minded professionals, Founder of the a 501c(3) nonprofit supporting the oral health needs of those struggling with a cancer diagnosis and recently accepted an advisory position with EMS Electro Medical Systems bringing Guided Biofilm Therapy training certification with the Airflow Prophylaxis Master to the United States and Canada.

Debbie has developed and nurtured diversified relationships with some of the top corporate companies in the health & wellness industry. She serves on several advisory boards as a facilitator with responsibilities in program development, product creation, collaborative trainings, educational systems and marketing campaigns. 

In 2016, Debbie was selected as the SUNSTAR Award of Distinction recipient for her relentless activities to better our profession. In 2017 Debbie was also recognized as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for her advances in prevention and implementation in systemic diseases and HPV related oral cancer. 


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