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Dental Unit Waterlines and Amalgam: Myths and Reality

Categories: Infection Control

Author(s): Fiona Collins

Webinar: Dental unit waterlines are a source of potentially pathogenic microorganisms and present a risk for the transmission of microorganisms and...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hidden Caries

Categories: Cariology

Author(s): Ian Shuman

In this webinar, Dr. Shuman discusses and demonstrates techniques required to diagnose and conservatively restore non-cavitated “hidden” carious...

Understanding Infection Control for Environmental Surfaces

Categories: Infection Control

Author(s): Fiona Collins

This webinar will address the infection control procedures related to environmental surfaces as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and...

Predictable Direct and Indirect Adhesion

Categories: Dental MBA

Author(s): Jeff Blank

Webinar: Contemporary adhesive science challenges the once "gold standard" of dentin bonding by introducing a new class of adhesive that reduces the...

Managing Safety Data Sheets in the 21st Century

Categories: Practice Mangement

Author(s): Julie MacGregor

OSHA requires that dental offices maintain up-to-date Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). These must be...
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