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Patti DiGangi

Infection Prevention as a Functional Family System

Family systems theory is a concept of looking at the family as a cohesive emotional unit. A family functions as a system wherein each member plays a specific role and must follow certain rules. Many dental practices function similarly, with both functional and dysfunctional systems.

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Keith Cyrus Keller, DMD

Single-Patient-Use vs Multiple-Patient-Use Dental Burs

Dental armamentarium has evolved since the first tool-assisted manipulation of teeth thousands of years ago. In the modern era, discussion continues as to which tools will provide the best outcomes for patients and dental providers.

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Michael Teitelbaum, DMD, MAGD, FACD

Technique Guide to Basic Layering with an Omnichromatic Universal Composite

For decades, dentistry has recognized the need to block out (cosmetically mask) deep stains and lingual deficiencies in tooth structure to prevent unsightly show-through. This paper describes past and present concepts in composite resin in general and blocking out in particular.

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