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Debra Sabatini

As a keynote speaker Debra Z. Sabatini, RDH, specializes in marketing progressive informational, motivational and implementable programs for small business, sales professionals industry leaders, as well as the medical community she is dedicated to.

Debra’s programs ‘HPV, NOT the Hanky Panky Virus the media portrays it to be’, ‘Oral Cancer for the health professional and the community we serve’, ‘What’s In Your Pocket: Oral Biofilm as it relates to systemic illness’, and ‘Acknowledge Greatness in a Profession full of Pandemonium’ have garnered traction on the lecture and educational stage.

Debra’s speaking experience has taken her around the country and provided her the privilege of presenting to Medical and Dental organizations. In addition, Debra has produced nearly 25 of her own events with hundreds of attendees with the OralEd Institute, a collaborative educational resource institute which she founded in 2012. Debra also writes and has been published in several industry publications.

Debra Z. Sabatini, RDH has no potential conflicts to disclose.

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