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Royann Royer, CDA, RDH, MPH

Royann Royer has been a dental professional in education, private practice, and public health throughout her career. She taught at the University of Alaska Anchorage Dental Programs for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on teaching local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation. Royann continues to practice clinically utilizing local anesthesia routinely.
She is a coauthor of a local anesthesia textbook, Pain Control for Dental Practitioners: An Interactive Approach, and developed a video on local anesthesia techniques, Techniques for Successful Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals. She has been a contributor to several national dental education publications and worked as an exam developer for the Western Regional Board exams.
Royann teaches CE courses in Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Sedation for dentists and dental hygienists in Alaska. Her passion is to provide the most effective and interesting educational instruction methods for clinicians to learn and absorb the greatest amount of information possible. To accomplish this, she uses the most current research, knowledge, and teaching concepts available. She said, “I always look forward to meeting a new student or professional group, seeing them progress throughout the course, absorb information being presented, and reach their goals.”

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Courses Featuring Royann Royer, CDA, RDH, MPH

Dental Local Anesthesia: Techniques and Key Features
Cost: $99.00
ADA Credits: 2
AGD Credits: 2