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Dental Learning faculty members include some of the most distinguished professionals and respected leaders in the field of dentistry, each showing a commitment to excellence in practice and instruction.



Tanya Bailey

Pam Peterson has over 25 years of sales, management, and dental consulting experience.

She is the Senior Practice Advisor with The Total Patient Service Institute and directs the activities of a large group of professional consultants that advise professional practices all over the country. In addition, she runs the company’s test offices where she is responsible for making sure that everything the consulting team recommends works in real life!

Those who work for Pam say that she is one of the most engaging, caring people they have ever worked with and that her standards are high. They say she helps people perform at their very best.

For over 3 decades, Steve Anderson has studied, applied, proven and proclaimed: All human action is grounded in Natural Law. As the founder of over a dozen businesses, he has propelled organizations and individuals to the highest levels of performance and productivity. In 1995, he co-founded the Crown Council, an international industry association that now spans three continents. Through the Crown Council, he co-founded the Smiles for Life Foundation, which has raised over $32 million dollars in the last 12 years for children’s charities worldwide. He has written over 100 articles for industry publications, authored 5 books, and produced dozens of audio and video learning programs. His combination of behavioral physics, high energy, humor and every-day application makes him one of the highest rated speakers at every venue where he appears.

Steve and his wife Cheryl live in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area with their seven children.

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