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Tom Gallop

Tom Gallop

Tom is an owner and CEO of SS White, a dental manufacturing company with a 168-year history of changing dentistry for the better. His experience includes heading up Sales and Marketing, and leading the development of new products that are used around the world by over 50,000 doctors. Several of these products were co-developed with Dr. Dan Boston and Temple University. Tom is passionate about the conservation of healthy tissue and efficiency, and has a high interest in helping great doctors build great practices.

Tom began his career at Kodak as a technical sales rep. He earned a BA from the University of South Carolina in 1987 with a double major in Management and Marketing.

Tom is a member of several boards, including SS White and Temple University’s School of Dentistry Board of Visitors.

Tom and his wife, Michelle, reside in Boulder, Colorado with their three children. Together they enjoy hiking, reading, travel and golf.

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