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Dentures...Really? Experience the Digital Difference

Categories: Digital Impressions

Author(s): Dr. Lori Trost

Date: 11-29-2021 20:00:00 pm

Fabricating traditional acrylic dentures has not appreciably advanced in over 100 years! This time-consuming procedure requires multiple appointments and a trusted lab technician who performs many steps by hand. Sadly, the cascade of inaccuracies during the treatment process can lead to a less than desirable result for the patient, decreased productivity, and even more frustration for the dentist.
Digital dentures are now available that offer significant improvements in esthetics, fit, durability, and turnaround time. This course will connect the dots to implement the digital denture workflow in your practice immediately with the iTero scanner. Discussion will identify current denture presentations and appointment sequence details that are necessary to attain a new level of predictability and minimize appointments. Clinicians and their teams will gain confidence in scanning and discover the benefits of a digital record utilizing an iTero scanner.
Please join us for an in-depth look at the technology and materials that are revolutionizing how current dentures are being created. Learn what was old, is now new, and how exciting the digital denture process is to replace missing teeth!

Learning Objectives
After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the types of current denture cases
  • Organize patient information for the lab to maximize the outcome
  • Comprehend how to scan with an iTero scanner an edentulous arch and a removable prosthesis 
  • Recognize the differences of current denture materials
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