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Let's Save the Pulp with Vital Pulp Therapy

Categories: Restorative Dentistry

Target Audience: Dental Students, Dentists

Duration: 37:08

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Let's Save the Pulp with Vital Pulp Therapy


The science has shown that in deep caries dental lesions, complete caries removal results in pulpal exposure and ultimately the highest clinical failure rates. Conversely, incomplete caries removal in deep caries lesions has been shown to significantly increase the longevity of the pulp. Using dentin-preserving burs during caries removal in deep dentinal lesions helps to prevent pulpal exposures, and increases the opportunity for dentin repair and preservation of the pulpal tissue. During this webinar, the histological and clinical evidence supporting incomplete caries removal will be addressed, together with case-driven practical approaches for minimally invasive caries removal and protocols for dentin repair.

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