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What you never knew about tooth sensitivity…and how to effectively treat it!

Categories: Dental Hygiene

Author(s): Rod Kurthy

Date: 01-11-2019 09:11:24 am

If you’re a practicing dentist, sensitivity is a thorn in your side…period. We’re all frustrated with sensitivity. I’m talking about chronic sensitivity (and unhappy patients), sometimes ending up in endodontic therapy, after new crowns are placed. And sensitivity after direct restorations. Sensitivity during and after hygiene procedures – and acute sensitivity after periodontal treatment, including surgery.

What about patients with super-sensitive exposed roots due to gingival recession? And of course there are simply those patients who constantly complain that their teeth are sensitive in general. Oh… and let’s not forget about the complaints of sensitivity during and after whitening procedures.

But did you know that if you really understood everything there is to know about sensitivity, all the various reasons it happens, how various desensitizers work, when and how to treat all of these types of sensitivity… and especially how to prevent it, you (and your patients) could breathe a huge sigh of relief?

Well, take heart. This webinar will teach you things you never knew before. And following the suggestions in the webinar will promptly lead to that needed sigh of relief!

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